Silent Messengers History

In 1996 I began a clowning ministry at First Reformed Church in Baldwin, Wisconsin. It began with a small group of junior high kids and one performance of Watch the Lamb, a song about Jesus' crucifixion. Three years later I wrote an hour-long service depicting the various points of Jesus' life using approximately 24 different songs. I titled it Celebrating A Savior (or CAS), Our group has grown to 30+ people including junior high, senior high, and even some adults. In 2004, we added another service to our repertoire entitled The Christmas Dream (TCD) which is an hour long service celebrating the story of Jesus' birth. We have shared our services across Wisconsin, Minnesota, and even into Iowa. We have chosen the name Silent Messengers because before each service we give our voices to God as an offering. We remain "silent" throughout our services and pray that God will use us as His "messengers" to bring the promise of salvation to all who believe. These services have been such a blessing to so many people and I pray God will continue to use them to further His kingdom.
-Jenifer Lokker
Founder and Director of the Silent Messengers

About the Service

This is not the traditional comedy that most people associate clowning with, but rather a drama. Our clowns have white faces and use color to portray symbols of their characters. There are no speaking parts so we use many different types of Christian music to share points of Jesus' life. We bring all of our own sound, lighting, costumes, and props. Both services that we share are approximately one hour long.

These are truly unique worship experiences that are:
† Appropriate for all age levels
† Wonderful outreach tools
† Great discussion starters
† Powerful additions to the Advent and Lenten Seasons
† Free!

The Lord commands: "let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven." Matt, 5:16

This is our mission in this ministry, so we pray that if you haven't met Jesus Christ yet or even if you have loved and served Him for years, that this service will fill your heart with a new passion for the Savior.