Dear Silent Messengers:
You may be called the Silent Messengers but your message was very powerful here at St. Mary's Church in Chatfield, Mn. Recently I was asked to pray for a 13 year old girl who had attempted suicide by drug overdose. She told counselors that she had also been getting drugs from students at school. It sounded so sad and I wondered about what's happening with our youth and society and I was feeling down about it all. You lifted up my spirits...with Jesus in the hearts of our youth their is a good future for them. Thank you for sharing your time, treasures and talents with us.

Monica Taylor
Chatfield, Mn.

I have been in CAS for one year, and it has made me feel closer to God, and Jesus, knowing all he has done for us to live on this earth. He died for our sins and that is something we all sometimes take for granted and forget, and being in the CAS group has opened my eyes to a new refreshing way of worship and living with the world that mostly seems against the right path of Jesus Christ. In closing, with Celebrating a Savior I really didnt know how to feel but when the lights darken and we go out there its all to show Jesus' life and the Holy Spirit fills me up....its that amazing.

-In Christ,
Adam Duncan
(Celebrating A Savior Cast Member.)

I first saw the The Silent Messengers earlier this year. Some of my close friends had been involved in the group for years, and I had never gone to a performance. Finally I was invited once again and agreed to go. It is only a few blocks from my home to the "homefield" of CAS and I regret now that I ever missed a show. I'll admit to having preconceptions of a corny homespun play, but I was amazed by what so few and so young could accomplish. The writing and music chosen is spectacular and combined with the talentedly drawn symbols on each individual's cheeks, wonderful sound technicians, and excellent lighting the performance took my breath away. I was lost in thought afterwards and lost in the performance during. I, in my limited sixteen years, have always been a believer in Christ. But nothing, not even the professional passion play, brought tears to my eyes as did CAS.
A fantastic group of, well... kids, portraying the unbelievable life of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. God Bless them and anyone who sees their work. It is truly a gift from above.

-Becky Nelson

"...your worship team gave a powerful performance in sharing with us the life, death, resurrestion, and commission of Jesus Christ. Not only were we able to witness Jesus in His earthly life, but your representation of how Christ leads us into the world was especially moving."

-Pastor Steven R. Blackstock
Memorial Presbyterian Church
Appleton, WI

"I must honestly tell you that never before- until tonight- have I truly felt the pain of betrayal, the agony of man's inhumanity to man, and the lonliness of His final moments, as i did at the First Reformed Church tonight! I wept unashamedly, and i found myself so moved at times i could hardly catch my breath.... Thank you for the opportunity to 'feel' this reason for the season."

-Donna Bosman

"Our congregation was very moved by the performance that the cast performed. It was the first time that I had ever seen a standing ovation in our church. Everyone had positive comments afterwards, and many hoped that you would return in the future!"

-Pastor T Michael Harty
Rush River Lutheran Church
River Falls, WI

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